120 BPM (120 battements par minute) 15

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DIRECTOR Robin Campillo
CAST Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, Arnaud Valois, Adèle Haenel, Antoine Reinartz

This vital, dramatic portrait of Parisian activists fighting the AIDS pandemic in the early 1990s is full of joy, energy and love as well as tragedy and anger.

The lives of AIDS activists in early 90s Paris are reimagined in bold and vivid detail in this stunning and heart-wrenching Cannes Grand Prix winner. Against a background of government apathy, pharmaceutical greed and public ignorance, the introspective Nathan finds himself drawn to Sean, one of the most radical and outspoken members of the group. A passionate film about life, love and loss – and, above all, the will to survive – this is a rousing celebration of political activism with a delicately crafted love story at its heart.
(2017 France 143 mins Subtitled)

Born of its director Robin Campillo’s real-life involvement with Aids awareness group Act Up Paris, 120 BPM proudly bangs its activist drum. Winner of the Grand Prix at Cannes in 2017, this informed and immersive film is set in the early 90s as the Aids epidemic rages, and shows the collective’s “positive and combative” approach to affecting change … There’s love, tragedy and laughter in an inspiring, visually arresting look at a group who are living the hell out of life and not going down without a fight.  Emma Simmonds, Radio Times

Language: French

BBFC advice: Contains strong sex, nudity, sex references and language
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