2001: A Space Odyssey 15

BUY TICKETS 3pm Thursday 2 August 

DIRECTOR Stanley Kubrick
CAST Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood, Douglas Rain, Margaret Tyzack

Enjoy a chance to see Stanley Kubrick’s brilliant sci-fi masterpiece on the big screen to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Open the pod bay doors, HAL! Stanley Kubrick’s hugely influential sci-fi masterpiece about time, space, evolution, technology and everything in between returns to its rightful home – the big screen – to celebrate its 50th anniversary. This poetic meditation on both the folly and ingenuity of mankind has enraptured and mystified audiences for half a century, with the legendary psychedelic stargate sequence a particularly mind-blowing highlight.
(1968 UK / USA 134 mins)

Awesome, influential, mind-blowing, cool, obsessional, pretentious – 2001 is all of these. That it is both great and gobbledygook is still fascinating … What 2001 lacks in warmth it makes up for in ideas, style and no end of gobsmackage. Moreover the film boasts a prodigious power to provoke argument – is it profundity personified or plain old pap? Wherever you sit in the debate, movies were born for experiences like this.  Angie Errigo, Empire

BBFC advice: Contains some mild horror

This film should be available in audio described format but this is subject to confirmation upon final testing prior to screenings. Please therefore contact the cinema prior to booking at info@saffronscreen.com to ensure that audio description is available. The optimum sound can be heard in the first three rows in the auditorium (rows AA, A and B), seats 1-12. We are currently seeking funding to install an enhanced system that will cover the whole auditorium.