Beach Rats 15

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DIRECTOR Eliza Hittman
CAST Harris Dickinson, Madeline Weinstein, Kate Hodge, Neal Huff

A powerful coming-of-age drama about a Brooklyn teenager exploring his sexuality, chasing girls by day but exploring liaisons with men at night.

A powerful coming-of-age drama as Brooklyn teenager Frankie (a superb performance by British newcomer Harris Dickinson) spends a suffocating summer juggling two conflicting sides of his life . He spends his days hanging around the beach with his macho friends and showing off to girls, but night-time finds him hooking up with men online and on the boardwalk. His changing world threatens his tender relationship with his mother and his terminally ill father. A poignant and empathetic character study.
(2017 USA 98 mins)

Beach Rats is a captivating character study and one that feels vital. The idea that coming out in western culture has been made universally accepted with societal changes signaling wider beliefs is a myth, and journalling what is a common difficulty for many young men feels important. Hittman is keen to avoid a standard coming out story, though, and while the final act does lead to more obvious dramatic conflict, she ends on a stunning note of dreamy romance and possibility.  Benjamin Lee, The Guardian

BBFC advice: Contains strong sex, nudity, drug misuse and language
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