Belle de Jour 15

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DIRECTOR Luis Buñuel
CAST Catherine Deneuve, Jean Sorel, Michel Piccoli, Geneviève Page

Luis Buñuel’s erotic masterpiece about Catherine Deneuve’s bored housewife who spends her afternoons at a high-class brothel.

Bored housewife Séverine (Catherine Deneuve), in love with but sexually remote from her surgeon husband, starts spending her afternoons at a high-class brothel. Soon, given the jealous desire she arouses in some clients, her anonymity and marriage are at risk. True to his surrealist roots, Luis Buñuel blurs the distinction between ‘reality’ and Séverine’s masochistic fantasies; he also eschews sensationalism, opting instead for subtly ambiguous details. A masterpiece.
(1967 France / Italy 100 mins Subtitled)

Luis Buñuel creates an eminently classy film that is a splendid piece of escapism for the viewer. Central to this is Catherine Deneuve who oozes such sophisticated sexuality that one becomes utterly immersed in her potentially dangerous adventure … Deneuve might well play the part of a deviant but it is Buñuel who gets the opportunity to delve deep into the audience’s wildest fantasies.  Almar Haflidason, BBC

Language: French, Spanish, Mongolian

BBFC advice: Contains sexual fetish theme and scenes
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