BlacKkKlansman 15

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CAST John David Washington, Adam Driver, Topher Grace, Alec Baldwin

Exploring racial tensions in the way that only he can, Spike Lee is back to his best with this hugely enjoyable, stranger-than-fiction true story.

In 1978, Ron Stallworth – Colorado Springs’ first black police detective – saw a Ku Klux Klan recruitment ad in the local newspaper. He phoned up, disguised his voice to spin a tale of disgust about a fictional black man, and was immediately invited to join the cult. The incredible, true story of how he infiltrated the KKK is adapted here in this hugely enjoyable, bracing and still alarmingly relevant examination of race relations from visionary director Spike Lee.
(2018 USA 135 mins)

Spike Lee’s Klan-infiltration period piece is a high-energy filleting of today’s racially torn America. If you’ve been pining for the return of the fiery, political Spike Lee of Do the Right Thing and Malcolm X, good news: BlacKkKlansman is the director working at his electrifying best … Veering from a blaxploitation spoof to an undercover thriller and ending with a no-punches-pulled real-life coda, BlacKkKlansman is riotously fun one minute, savagely biting the next.  Phil De Semlyen, TimeOut

BBFC advice: Contains racist violence and language and very strong language
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