Bob the Builder: Mega Machines 15

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DIRECTORS Stuart Evans, Colleen Morton
VOICES Lee Ingleby, Joanne Froggatt, Brian Cox, Steven Kynman

A fun-filled adventure as Bob builds a dam with the help of some new machines, but it turns out they might be out to sabotage the project.

Bob returns with his biggest build ever – constructing a dam and transforming an old quarry into a reservoir to provide Spring City with fresh water. Enlisting the help of another builder, Conrad, and his three enormous Mega Machines, Thud, Crunch and Ace, Bob sets to work but soon realises Conrad is up to no good and plans to sabotage the dam. Come and cheer Bob on as he and his team race to save Spring City from disaster in this fun-filled family adventure.
(2017 UK 63 mins)

BBFC advice: Contains very mild threat
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