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Buster Keaton Double Bill 15

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Our annual celebration of silent film with live piano accompaniment from Gail Ford returns with the inimitable Buster Keaton and his hilarious physical brilliance.  In ONE WEEK Buster and his new bride have a week to build a self-assembly pre-fab house kit – it doesn’t go to plan!  GO WEST is Keaton’s delightful version of the Western when a friendless drifter becomes a cowboy and falls in love… with a cow!
(1921 / 1925 USA 18 & 68 mins)

Silent screening with live piano accompaniment

BBFC advice: Suitable for all
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In One Week, Buster and his new bride are given a home – but it is a flatpack and they have to build it themselves. This is made trickier when the bride’s spurned ex changes the numbers on the box.

In Go West, Buster is ‘Friendless’, a sad and penniless man who heads west to seek his fortune, or at least a job as a cowboy. He is ill-suited to the job, but finds affection in his only friend, Brown Eyes the cow.

The pacing is nearly perfect. The week flies by with each day bringing some new development in the story. The house really is a character. It makes a brilliant prop and Keaton, in real life, had a hand in designing it.  Three Movie Buffs

Go West doesn’t contain any of Keaton’s trademark outrageous stunts, but that doesn’t mean it’s without jokes or charm. As always with a Keaton film, there is plenty to make you laugh and put a smile on your face.  Three Movie Buffs

UK RELEASE 1921 / 1925
RUNNING TIME 18 & 68 minutes

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