British Cinema Six-Week Course

BUY TICKETS Tuesdays 9 Oct – 20 November, 7pm – 9pm

A six-week course which explores post-war British cinema thematically led by Jonathan Hourigan.

Each session includes lectures, screenings of excerpts and discussion.


Animation – An Insider’s View

BUY TICKETS 2pm Sunday 4 November

Animation producer Simon Quinn presents a view behind-the-scenes of the animation industry including clips, short films and information about possible careers.

Simon Quinn will present a history of stop-motion animation and a look behind-the-scenes at this fascinating industry.


Screenwriting One-Day Course

BUY TICKETS 11am – 5.30pm Saturday 17 November

The course is structured around lectures, screenings and exercises. It introduces mainstream screenwriting conventions in relation to plot, character and theme, along with techniques for the generation and development of ideas and professional screenplay format and layout.