Certain Women 15

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DIRECTOR Kelly Reichardt
CAST Michelle Williams, Laura Dern, Jared Harris, Kristen Stewart

Kelly Reichardt’s beautifully subtle story about three strong-willed women making their own way in the American Northwest.

The latest film from Kelly Reichardt (Night MovesMeek’s Cutoff) is a beautifully subtle take on female resilience as three strong-willed women strive to make their own way amidst the wide open plains of the American Northwest. The film follows the interconnecting lives of a lawyer who finds herself contending with both office sexism and a hostage situation; a wife and mother whose determination to build her dream home puts her at odds with the men in her life; and a young law student who forms an ambiguous bond with a lonely ranch hand. A powerful and elegant film.
(2016 USA 107 mins)

Powerful, focused, nervy, lean. Certain Women is a work of art produced by a director in full control of her material. It leaves you reeling. Coming out of the cinema, I found myself looking at the women around me and wondering what their stories were. The actresses are all marvellous in their roles. Gladstone gives the standout performance, but Williams is excellent at conveying barely contained frustration in what is arguably the most tricky of the four main parts. They know to keep their counsel, these women: know the importance of restraint, silence, of knowing when to speak and when to act and when to stay still. So, too, does Reichardt.  Catherine Wheatley, Sight & Sound 

BBFC advice: Contains infrequent strong language and nudity 
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