C’est la vie! (Le sens de la fête) 15

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DIRECTORS Olivier Nakache, Éric Toledano
CAST Jean-Pierre Bacri, Eye Haidara, Gilles Lellouche, Vincent Macaigne

A hilarious French ensemble comedy from the duo behind Untouchables about a grand wedding which descends into chaos.

The duo behind 2011’s smash hit Untouchables reunite for a madcap ensemble comedy in which a grand wedding threatens to erupt into a chaotic nightmare. Weary veteran of the wedding-planning business Max is trying to avoid the micromanaging groom, while his brash assistant Adèle constantly argues with the egotistical replacement singer James. Missing staff, rebellious waiters and a temperamental electrical system are just the beginning as problems mount throughout the day – it’s going to be a very long night!
(2017 Belgium / Canada / France 115 mins Subtitled)

[The creators] ensure that just about everything that could go wrong does while never letting things become too absurd. There’s enough predictability about some of the relationships to give a frisson of anticipation for how they might make the romantic elements play out but there are also plenty of surprises. Cinematographer David Chizallet takes us weaving with characters through the party, dropping in on incidents as they happen but the main arc is never left dangling too long …  The cast have a blast. Bacri deadpans his way to success, while Lelouche offers a hint of silliness to the singer without over-playing it – you can still see why he gets hired – and Hélène Vincent makes the most of a cameo as the mother of the groom. By the end, you’re left with nothing to do but laugh and raise a glass to their talents.  Amber Wilkinson, Eye for Film

Language: French

BBFC advice: Contains strong language
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