Daisies (Sedmikrásky) 15

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Shown as part of the Revolt, She Said: Women and Film after ’68 tour and preceded by short film Blow Up My Town (Saute ma ville) by Chantel Akerman.

DIRECTOR Vera Chytilová
CAST Ivana Karbanová, Jitka Cerhová, Marie Cesková, Jirina Myskova

Two young women rebel against a spoiled, materialistic society by pulling destructive pranks in this absurdist and surreal Czech New Wave classic.

An innovative and brilliantly absurd masterpiece of the ’60s Czech New Wave, the film was made three years before the Prague Spring but dissent is clearly in the air. Daisies follows the misadventures of two young women, both called Marie, who rebelliously scam rich dates, cut off their own heads and wreck an official feast. The film’s anarchic attitude saw it banned by the Czech authorities and it stayed under wraps for years. If you haven’t caught up with this genuine feminist classic, see why it’s as thrilling now as it was fifty years ago.
(1966 Czechoslovakia 74 mins Subtitled)

There can’t be many films dealing with nihilism that are as sweet and silly as this: perhaps its apparent lack of seriousness is what’s kept Daisies from being lauded as the world cinema classic it clearly is … This is the kind of film that you have to adapt to in order to get the most from – it makes few concessions to the viewer – although the ever-present humour is there for you to latch on to. Using many inventive styles – animation, musical numbers, stock footage and slapstick – it’s freeform yet controlled, and yet still radical enough for it to have been banned in its homeland, something of a badge of honour in world cinema circles.  Phelim O’Neil, The Guardian

Language: Czech

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