Dancer 15

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DIRECTOR Steven Cantor

A fascinating documentary about the life of brilliant young dancer Sergei Polunin from his childhood in the Ukraine to his brilliant ballet career and self-destructive approach to fame.

Blessed with astonishing power and poise, Sergei Polunin took the dance world by storm and became the Royal Ballet’s youngest ever principal. At the peak of his success, aged 21, he walked away, driven to the brink of self-destruction by stardom – his talent more a burden than a gift. The film includes home movies of Polunin’s early training in gymnastics and ballet, in-depth interviews with family, friends and colleagues and glorious footage of his brilliant dancing. A fascinating look into the life of a complex young man who made ballet go viral.
(2016 UK / Russia / Ukraine / USA 85 mins Part subtitled)

Unlike so many movies about ballet, “Dancer” isn’t about the toll such discipline takes on the body. It’s about the toll it takes on a life. But still, there is the dancing. Good lord, does he dazzle. Seeing how freakishly gifted he is and watching his ascendance is a thrill, and Cantor keeps the pacing moving crisply. And there is an emotional underpinning, as well.  Christy Lemire, Variety 

BBFC advice: Contains drug references and nudity
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