Darkest Hour 15

BUY TICKETS 5pm Sunday 25 February *Subtitled for the hard of hearing*

CAST Gary Oldman, Kristen Scott Thomas, Lily James, Ben Mendelsohn

Gary Oldman gives a superb performance as Winston Churchill in this rousing and engaging Second World War drama.

Gary Oldman delivers one of the great performances of his career in this stirring historical drama from Atonement director Joe Wright. It ushers us into the backrooms and bunkers of British government during a pivotal point in the Second World War, when Winston Churchill was thrust into the role of Prime Minister and the country seemed on the brink of invasion. This rousing and engaging film breathes life into a key moment in history.
(2017 UK 125 mins)

Joe Wright’s behind-the-scenes retelling of the Dunkirk story makes the case that words can be weapons; that language, wielded by the right person, can be as thrilling as any action. And in the role of Winston Churchill, Gary Oldman is most definitely the right actor for the task. No guns are fired in this two-hour wartime drama which explores just how close Britain came to negotiating a peace treaty with Nazi Germany, but Oldman ensures that every line hits home as surely as any bullet. It’s a towering performance. Wendy Ide, Screen International

BBFC advice: Contains mild bad language
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