Dial M for Murder (3D) 15

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DIRECTOR Alfred Hitchcock
CAST Ray Milland, Grace Kelly, Anthony Dawson, Robert Cummings

Hitchcock’s recently restored thriller remains as entertaining as it ever was, demonstrating also that the history of 3D goes back more than half a century. Tony Wendice, a former tennis pro with money worries, plans to blackmail a louche college contemporary into murdering Tony’s wealthy wife, played with glacial poise by Grace Kelly. Things can only go horribly wrong…  (1954 USA 101 minutes)

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BBFC advice: Contains one scene of moderate violence
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When he discovers his wealthy wife Margot is having an affair with novelist Mark Halliday, playboy Tony Wendice hatches a plot to ensure that he doesn’t wind up penniless.

Whichever side of the modern 3D debate you come down on, it’s fascinating to watch Hitchcock take an early stab at it. His taut, nasty 1954 thriller, which follows a former tennis pro (Ray Milland) who conspires to have his adulterous wife (Grace Kelly) offed, was shot in 3D but released mostly in 2D due to waning interest in the format. There’s no such issue today, but with or without the new 3D restoration, this remains a tightly wound psychological parlour game, expanded only slightly from its claustrophobic stage roots. It’s a lightweight but impeccably clever mystery.  Emma Dibdin, Total Film

UK RELEASE 29 May 1954, re-released 26 July 2013
RUNNING TIME 101 minutes

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