Faces Places (Visages villages) 15

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A life-affirming documentary as Agnès Varda teams up with artist JR for a road-trip across France, meeting everyday people in their local communities.

Agnès Varda teams up with artist JR for a road-trip across France in this moving meditation on friendship, cinema and the power of art on people’s lives. Meeting different groups of people, they are inspired to create large-scale portraits which they plaster across unconventional locations. Documented in Varda’s typically tender, playful and humanist manner, this is a deeply charming and life-affirming look at the subtle power of community and the inspiration that can emerge from the most unexpected of friendships.
(2017 France 94 mins Subtitled)

Some of cinema’s most joyous events are a result of seemingly odd pairings in leading roles. That tradition is alive and well in the buoyant Faces Places, which unites the petit, boisterous French New Wave legend Agnès Varda and the hip photography artist JR on a road trip in France, where the duo hit picturesque countryside towns and uncover the extraordinary details in seemingly ordinary lives through their joint lens. Varda is in her late 80s, JR in his mid-30s. They have a difference in height and in background. But what they vividly, enthusiastically share is a huge appetite for creating art and involving people in the process.  Tomris Laffly, Film Journal

Language: French

BBFC advice: Contains brief moderate injury detail
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