Claim a free hot drink in May & June

This May and June, Saffron Screen will take audiences on a journey through the 20th century with brand new films set in iconic decades from the 1920s to the 1980s and cinema-goers can claim a FREE HOT DRINK if they were born in the same decade as the film is set!

All you need to do it take along your photo ID and enjoy a hot drink on the house at your local not-for-profit cinema.

All of the following films are included in the deal:
 THE LONew Nostalgia adST CITY OF Z  an old-fashioned adventure set in the 1920s starring Robert Pattinson and Sienna Miller.
1930s & 40s ANOTHER MOTHER’S SON  starring Jenny Seagrove in the true story of one woman’s bravery in occupied Jersey
THEIR FINEST A witty and bittersweet WWII drama with terrific performances from Gemma Arterton, Sam Claflin and the scene-stealing Bill Nighy.
WHISKY GALORE A charming remake of the 1949 classic Ealing comedy about a group of Scottish islanders who raid a wrecked ship carrying 28,000 cases of malt whisky.
THE ZOOKEEPER’S WIFE  The story of a couple who secretly sheltered Jews in the Warsaw Zoo during the German invasion of Poland.
1950s RULES DON’T APPLY A fun romantic comedy about a young couple meeting in 1950s Hollywood as they work for the famously eccentric Howard Hughes (Warren Beatty).
1960s MAD TO BE NORMAL A powerful account of RD Laing and his medication-free community for schizophrenics in 60s East London with heartrending performances from David Tennant, Elisabeth Moss and Michael Gambon.
1970s FREE FIRE An all-guns-blazing, blackly comic crime caper about a weapons deal gone wrong in 70s Boston starring Cillian Murphy & Brie Larson
1980s MINDHORN A gloriously British Alan Partridge-esque comedy.

Tickets are available from, the Tourist Information Centre and box office. Please note that Friends of Saffron Screen can also claim a free chocolate bar.