My Golden Days (Trois souvenirs de ma jeunesse) 15

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DIRECTOR Arnaud Desplechin
CAST Quentin Dolmaire, Lou Roy-Lecollinet, Mathieu Amalric, Dinara Drukarova

A gorgeous French romance as a middle-aged writer reflects on his youth and the heady joy and pain of young love.

Paul, a middle-aged anthropologist, is vividly reminded of his past when there is a problem with his passport as he returns to France after many years abroad. He recalls his childhood, his mother’s madness, the parties, the trip to the USSR where he lost his virginity, the friend who betrayed him, and Esther, the beautiful love of his life. Arnaud Desplechin explores the sweetness of remembered youth in this beautifully sensitive film, full of surprising changes of rhythm and tone.
(2015 France 124 mins Subtitled)

This is a tremendous film from Desplechin, all the more so due to the fact that he never once looks like he’s trying, or forcing, or declaiming, or contriving, or reinventing. Memory is presented as a form of natural magic, and the question of reliability is moot because the character of Paul has been sculpted as to be coldly rational and free of self-consciousness, yet totally trustworthy. Let’s wait and see, but this could very well emerge as the director’s masterpiece, so consummate is its dewy-eyed vision of love as our prime conduit into the past.  David Jenkins, Little White Lies

Language: French plus Russian and Hebrew

BBFC advice: Contains strong sex, nudity and language
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