Happy End 15

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DIRECTOR Michael Haneke
CAST Isabelle Huppert, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Toby Jones, Fantine Harduin

A riveting new drama from Austrian auteur Michael Haneke starring Isabelle Huppert as the matriarch presiding over a dysfunctional family.

Austrian auteur Michael Haneke (Amour, Funny Games) returns with a riveting drama about a well-off French family living in a bourgeois bubble in Calais, oblivious to the human misery unfolding in migrant camps a few miles from their home. Isabelle Huppert is superb as the family matriarch, presiding over a grisly collection of dysfunctional family members. With a razor-sharp view of modern life, this compelling tale is leavened by bracing moments of absurdist humour, brilliantly performed by a top-notch cast.
(2017 France / Austria / Germany 108 mins Subtitled)

Michael Haneke’s new film gleams with cold gallows humour. There’s blunt, rasping comedy to be found in its thematic grimness … One of the most interesting things about Happy End is the way Haneke’s camera captures the act of watching; always interested in technology and surveillance, here he often favours fixed perspectives, trailing his characters over the shoulder or looking with detachment from an unmoving vantage point.  Simran Hans, The Observer

Language: French / English

BBFC advice: Contains strong sex references, suicide references and language
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