Human Flow 15

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Fundraising screening in aid of Help Refugees


Artist and director Ai Weiwei’s beautiful and moving documentary explores the global refugee crisis across 23 countries.

Artist and director Ai Weiwei shot this captivating exploration of the global refugee crisis across 23 countries in the course of a year, seeking to convey some sense of its huge scale. A refugee himself, Weiwei never loses his focus in telling individual human stories of the lives displaced by conflict, drought, famine, and more. Heartbreaking yet necessary, this excellent and beautifully shot documentary demands that we pay attention to the refugee camps around the globe.
(2017 Germany 140 mins)

Ai Weiwei’s nuanced and fascinating portrait of global migration is one of the year’s most important films … Whatever your politics, however, it’s hard to imagine the images Ai captures on the ground not eliciting a deeply emotional response. Rather than simply lecturing, rather than agonising, Human Flow invites you to feel. Ai’s intention is to draw compassion, and in that sense the film is an absolute triumph.  James Luxford, Little White Lies

BBFC advice: Contains images of real dead bodies
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