Important Body Image Documentary + Discussion

Saffron Screen will next week show important body image documentary Embrace and follow it with a panel discussion about the issues raised in the film.

Local fitness instructor Lorraine Thompson, student Jess Kambitsis and school counsellor Beth Robertson will take part in the discussion chaired by Professor Joyce Harper from the UCL Institute for Women’s Health.  Jess Kambitsis will also perform her poem about body image.

The documentary follows Australian activist Taryn Brumfitt’s crusade as she explores the issue of body image and its effect on us. We join her as she traverses the globe talking to experts, women in the street and well-known personalities about the alarming rates of body image issues that are seen in people of all body types. In her affable and effervescent style, Brumfitt bares all (literally) to explore the factors contributing to this problem and seeks to find solutions. The film is considered essential viewing for all!

Professor Joyce Harper from the UCL Institute for Women’s Health said:

Our lives are bombarded with images of women’s bodies – many of which have been edited. Women need to ignore these images and become body positive – we need to love and celebrate the variations in our bodies”.

Embrace (12A) will be shown at Saffron Screen on Tuesday 25th July at 8pm and will be followed by a panel discussion. Tickets are available from, the Tourist Information Centre and box office.