In the Fade 15

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CAST Diane Kruger, Rafael Santana, Ulrich Brandhoff, Hanna Hilsdorf

Diane Kruger gives a towering performance in this politically charged tale of grief and violence in modern Germany.

This provocative and riveting thriller revolves around Katya (Diane Kruger) and the happy family life she has built with her Kurdish husband and their six-year-old son. When a nail bomb attack robs her of everything she holds dear, she becomes obsessed with finding the perpetrators and seeking justice and revenge. A politically charged tale of grief and violence in modern Germany, a courtroom drama as well as a thriller, this award-winning film is anchored by a powerful performance by Kruger, which won her the Cannes 2017 Best Actress Award.
(2017 Germany / France 106 mins Subtitled)

[Kruger] gives the film a real and raw potency, by turns bruised and vulnerable, then angry and resolute. She even makes the disappointing third act jump into Liam Neeson thriller territory compelling. From its nuanced, layered start, In The Fade goes on a sliding scale towards conventionality until a final moment that will leave you reeling. Then you’ll start talking. In The Fade manages to be absorbing character study, courtroom nailbiter and vengeful woman flick, all the while taking the temperature of neo-Nazism in Germany. It’s flawed but powerful, mostly down to a revelatory performance from Diane Kruger.  Ian Freer, Empire

Language: German / Greek / English / Turkish

BBFC advice: Contains strong bloody images
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