Insyriated 15

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DIRECTOR Philippe Van Leeuw
CAST Hiam Abbass, Diamand Bou Abboud, Juliette Navis, Mohsen Abbas

A gripping drama about a family and their neighbours taking refuge in a flat in a besieged Syrian city and the dangers as the war draws nearer.

In this gripping, Syria-set war drama a mother-of-three who is confined inside her flat in a city under siege, taking refuge with her family and neighbours. But as bombs threaten to destroy the building, snipers turn the courtyards into kill zones and men break in to steal and threaten violence, war inevitably infiltrates the flat. What must be done to survive the repetitive, senseless violence of war – not just physically, but morally and emotionally – is at the heart of this important, resonant and tragically still timely film.
(2017 Belgium 86 mins Subtitled)

Set entirely in a Damascus apartment under siege from a world in conflict, this tautly-constructed, intensely claustrophobic drama offers a sometimes nerve-shredding depiction of what happens when conflict impinges on domestic space. A concisely-told story that couldn’t be more timely in view of the traumas currently afflicting the Syrian people, Insyriated features a terrific lead performance by Hiam Abbass heading a multi-generational ensemble cast.  Jonathan Romney, Film International

 Language: Arabic

BBFC advice: Contains sexual violence
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