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It’s A Wonderful Life 15

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DIRECTOR Frank Capra
CAST James Stewart, Donna Reed, Lionel Barrymore, Henry Travers

An eternal seasonal favourite and all time Hollywood great.  In Bedford Falls, an oasis of small town American charm, George Bailey is a saint amongst men but, despairingly, he thinks life has dealt him some miserable cards.  Enter rookie angel Clarence.  And if you don’t yet know how Clarence got his wings, you really should come and find out.  (Free tissues will be available at the box office!)
(1946 USA 132 minutes)

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James Stewart is George Bailey, a man whose attempted suicide on Christmas Eve gains the attention of a guardian angel, Clarence Odbody, who is sent to help him in his hour of need.  Most of the film is told through flashbacks spanning George’s entire life and narrated by Franklin and Joseph, unseen Angels who are preparing Clarence for his mission to save George.  Through these flashbacks we see all the people whose lives have been touched by George and the difference he has made to the community in which he lives.

James Stewart is a vision of decency as the selfless guy George Bailey who finds himself deeply loved in the small-town community he’d once dreamed of leaving: a redemptive discovery that follows his suicidal despair one snowy Christmas night.  Every time I watch it, I am surprised afresh by how late in the story Clarence the angel appears, on his mission to show George how bad the world would have looked without him.  The film is gripping enough simply with the telling of George’s lifestory.  A genuine American classic.  Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

UK RELEASE 7 January 1947, re-released 14 December 2007
RUNNING TIME 132 minutes

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