Jane 15

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DIRECTOR Brett Morgen

Recently discovered footage make this intimate portrait of Jane Goodall truly special as we witness her breaking new ground in the scientific study of chimpanzees in Tanzania.

Drawing on wondrous footage recently discovered in the National Geographic archive, this is an intimate portrait of Jane Goodall, the British primatologist, in her early years in Tanzania in the 1960s. Despite having no academic training, she made great progress in scientific research with her studies of chimpanzees. Mixing her recollections of this period with magnificent wildlife photography and set to a rich orchestral score from Philip Glass, this beautiful documentary magnificently celebrates Goodall’s legacy.
(2017 USA 90 mins)

Morgen had access to previously unseen film from the National Geographic archive. The colour-saturated footage has a lush, heightened quality, which is complimented by a tumbling score by Philip Glass. But the film’s main asset is undoubtedly the magnificent Goodall, as poised, articulate and engaged in her 80s as she was in her fearless 20s, living alongside animals who, as Morgen bluntly points out, could have ripped her face off.  Wendy Ide, The Observer

BBFC advice: Contains infrequent mild bad language and upsetting scenes
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