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La La Land 15

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DIRECTOR Damien Chazelle
CAST Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Rosemarie DeWitt, J K Simmons

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling star in this glorious romantic musical set in contemporary Hollywood.

This beguiling and heartfelt romantic musical is back after all its awards glory. Set in contemporary Hollywood, the story follows struggling wannabe movie star Mia (Stone) and jazz pianist Seb (Gosling) in a bittersweet love story of frustrated ambition and the personal cost of success. This film is a glorious tour de force, with beautiful chemistry between the two leads and smartly choreographed musical numbers which will have you dancing out of the cinema.
(2016 USA 128 mins)

The young writer-director Damien Chazelle has followed his Oscar-winning drama Whiplash with another entirely novel film steeped in the world of music. His soaring, romantic, extremely stylish and endlessly inventive La La Land is that rare beast: a grown-up movie musical that’s not kitschy, a joke or a Bollywood film. Instead, it’s a swooning, beautifully crafted ode to the likes of Jacques Demy’s The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and Stanley Donen’s Singin’ in the Rain that plays out in the semi-dream world of Los Angeles and manages to condense the ups and downs of romantic love into a very Tinseltown toe-tapping fable. Dave Calhoun, Time Out

Winner of 7 Golden Globe awards and 4 BAFTAs (including for Best Film, Actress and Music).
Winner of 6 Oscars (including Best Director, Actress, Cinematography and Music).

BBFC advice: Contains infrequent strong language
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