Leaning into the Wind: Andy Goldsworthy 15

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DIRECTOR Thomas Riedelsheimer

This vibrant journey into the world of renowned British sculptor Andy Goldsworthy features exquisite cinematography while contemplating our relationship with the natural world.

Director Thomas Riedelsheimer re-teams with British sculptor Andy Goldsworthy, the subject of his 2001 documentary Rivers and Tides, to offer a contemplative look at how the self-described ‘land artist’ has progressed in his work since. A meditative record of the artist’s intriguing process in creating his mostly ephemeral projects, this documentary offers a poignant commentary on our relationship with the natural world, filled with startling landscapes, and organic art installations.
(2017 UK / Germany 97 mins Part subtitled)

A friend who watched this with me said that it’s the kind of film she’d like to see again when she’s dying. That pretty much nails its meditative, melancholy tone and suits the kind of work Goldsworthy does, which is all about the ephemeral and the enduring; time and the tactile qualities of the instant… Throughout, Frith’s sparse, neo-primitivist musical gurglings and tinklings from stringed instruments and what sound like didgeridoos and Theremins enhance the quasi-mystical atmosphere. The same goes for the limpid cinematography, which benefits from the use of drones or cranes to offer spectacular overhead shots, offering perspectives on the work that only filmgoers and God can enjoy.  Leslie Felperin, The Guardian

Language: English, Portuguese and French

BBFC advice: Contains infrequent mild bad language
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