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My Life as a Courgette 15

BUY TICKETS 3pm Thursday 26 October

DIRECTOR Claude Barras
VOICES Will Forte, Ellen Page, Nick Offerman, Amy Sedaris

A superb and gorgeously humane stop-motion animation about a young boy in an orphanage and the ups and downs he faces.

This supremely moving and humane film tells the story of 10-year-old Icare, nicknamed Courgette. Sent to an orphanage when his alcoholic mother dies, he becomes a target for bullies, but the arrival of the cool, mysterious Camille changes everything. Based on a book by Gilles Paris and adapted by Céline Sciamma (Tomboy, Girlhood), this stop-motion animation gem evokes the worlds of Tim Burton and Neil Gaiman in a story that soars with laughter, sorrow and joy.
(2016 Switzerland / France 66 mins Dubbed)

This isn’t just good writing, it’s humane and honourable. Every child here feels like a real human being, and as such is accorded a dignity the world invariably hasn’t extended to them in their lives to date … Think of My Life as a Courgette as less of a children’s film than a film about childhood which children can watch, and you’ll have some idea of the quietly extraordinary tone it manages to strike. Heartbreaking as it frequently is – though it’s funny just as often – the toughest details are always delicately expressed, while the scuffs and scars on the gorgeous character models’ peach-like faces are so subtle you could miss them at first glance.
Robbie Collin, The Telegraph

Language: English

BBFC advice: Contains mild sex references and references to traumatic childhood experiences
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