Logan 15

BUY TICKETS 8pm Saturday 29 April

DIRECTOR James Mangold
CAST Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Doris Morgado, Dafne Keen

An ageing Wolverine is dragged out of retirement when a young female mutant needs his protection in this latest instalment of the X-Men series.

The latest instalment of the X-Men series is set in the near future, with an ageing and weary Logan, aka Wolverine, caring for Professor X in a hideout on the Mexican border. His attempts to remain anonymous come to an end when a young female mutant arrives in need of protection. The third and final solo outing for Hugh Jackman’s metal-clawed X-Man is an action-packed roller coaster with complex characters and a riveting plot.
(2017 USA 135 mins)

If this truly is Jackman’s last run as Logan, then it’s a worthy swansong that allows him to go out on a high. A reminder that, when it comes to playing a properly magnetic anti-hero with a gruff ’70s-cinema exterior and a dark reservoir of inner depth, Jackman really is the best at what he does. Yes, the Wolverine movie without ‘Wolverine’ in the title is definitely the best one yet: grown-up, ballsy, character-driven and grounded. It feels right that it should be the last one, but it also feels a bit of a shame.  Dan Jolin, Empire 

BBFC advice: Contains strong bloody violence and strong language
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