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DIRECTOR Daniel Auteuil
CAST Daniel Auteuil, Raphaël Personnaz, Victoire Bélézy, Jean-Pierre Darroussin

In 1920s Marseilles, Marius is in love with his childhood friend Fanny but also longs to run away to sea, while wealthy older shopkeeper Panisse offers the young woman security. Writer/director/star Daniel Auteuil returns to the works of Marcel Pagnol (The Well-Digger’s Daughter, Jean de Florette) for this first instalment of the Marseilles Trilogy. A finely-tuned romance tinged with denial, indecision and compromise, as well as a great sense of humour.  (2013 France 94 minutes Subtitled)

BBFC advice: Contains moderate sex references and nudity
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The story of Marius takes place in the Old Port of Marseilles, in the Bar de la Marine run by César (Daniel Auteuil) and his son Marius. Fanny, a pretty young woman who sells shellfish outside the bar, has been secretly in love with Marius since childhood. But Marius has always dreamed of embarking on one of the ships that sail past the bar, heading off to distant horizons and is torn between the call of the ocean and his love for Fanny.

There’s a certain group of cosy words, including nostalgic, warm and gentle that have a tendency to damn with faint praise, and yet all of them apply to Daniel Auteuil’s charming (there’s another one) adaptation of Macel Pagnol’s Marius. It’s a hug of a film which, despite being set in a sun-kissed fairy-tale style Marseilles, is perfect for those looking for a feel-good outing that’s suitable for all the family…At the risk of resorting to that cosy group of words again, this is an old-fashioned treat.  Amber Wilkinson, Eye For Film

UK RELEASE 29 November 2013
RUNNING TIME 94 minutes
LANGUAGE French (Subtitled)

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