McKellen: Playing the Part 15

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DIRECTOR Joe Stephenson

Based on 14 hours of interviews, this is a warm and insightful documentary of the life of actor and activist Ian McKellen.

At the age of 78, Ian McKellen looks back on his life, both professional and private. He talks of his childhood, his early work in repertory and West End theatre, coming out and being a leader in the campaign for equality, and his mainstream film breakouts as Magneto and Gandalf. McKellen is a natural storyteller and this is a treat of an interview, peppered with some wonderful archive clips.
(2017 UK 92 mins)

Based on 14 hours of intimate interviews, McKellen is very much in charge of his personal narrative, offering a fascinating insight into not just his life, but what it means to be an actor… This touching film sheds light on the life of an astounding man. Anyone who loves the arts should recognise someone here who has dedicated their life to them.  Eve Jones, Little White Lies

BBFC advice: Contains infrequent strong language and moderate sex references 
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