Molly Monster 15

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DIRECTORS Ted Sieger, Matthias Bruhn, Michael Ekbladh
VOICES Jennifer Wiltsie, Tom Eastwood, Judy Winter, Jay Simon

A charming animation about a young monster who has to adjust to the strangeness and excitement of having a new baby in the family.

Molly Monster is deeply loved by her mama and papa but when Mama lays a new egg, Molly must go on an adventure to figure out her new role in the expanding Monster family. Dealing with the theme of becoming a sibling for the first time and the excitement that can come with that, this is a perfect preschool adventure.
(2016 Switzerland / Germany / Sweden 72 mins)

The tiniest of tots should enjoy Molly Monster, an endearingly goofy animated feature that captures a child’s anxiety surrounding a new addition to the family. Molly is a dragon-like creature whose mama has laid an egg and that means Molly’s parents will soon be off to Egg Island. Molly is expected to wait at home until she finds out whether she has a brother or sister but it doesn’t work out that way. A sweet tale with hints of the Clangers and Dr Seuss.  Allan Hunter, Daily Express 

BBFC advice: Contains no material likely to offend or harm
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