Nureyev 15

BUY TICKETS 5pm Sunday 18 November *Followed by a Q&A with associate producer Dulcie Kellett.

DIRECTORS David Morris, Jacqui Morris

A fascinating documentary about the greatest male ballet dancer in history charting his soaring career, defection from Russia and untimely death.

This in-depth documentary tells the extraordinary story of the greatest male ballet dancer in history, charting his rise from humble beginnings to his defection, superstardom and tragic death. Essential viewing for any dance enthusiast, but also an insight into a supremely charismatic man and the turbulent political times he lived through, the film features spellbinding archive footage and interviews.
(2018 UK 109 mins)

Co-directors (and siblings) Jacqui and David Morris’s immaculate documentary about Rudolf Nureyev is more than just essential viewing for anyone interested ballet and dance. Like any great biography, it casts a light through its prismatic subject, whose unique story refracts out colourful strands touching on art, politics, history, identity and so much more. It helps that Nureyev, the title subject and one of the last century’s greatest dancers and performers, was such an extraordinarily magnetic figure, likened several times by interviewees here to a panther, all savage beauty and muscular grace.  Leslie Felperin, The Guardian

BBFC advice: Contains infrequent strong language
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