The Olive Tree (El olivo) 15

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DIRECTOR Icíar Bollaín
CAST Anna Castillo, Javier Gutiérrez, Pep Ambros, Manuel Cucala

An engaging story about a young Spanish woman’s efforts to track down her grandfather’s beloved olive tree.

This earthy, playful Spanish fable is the third collaboration between award-winning director Bollaín (Even the Rain) and Ken Loach’s screenwriter Paul Laverty. Beautifully shot and scored, the film follows a complicated, engaging young woman who adores her grandfather, a man greatly affected by the loss of a beloved 2000-year old olive tree, sold against his will. Desperate to help him and with hardly any money, she embarks on a journey through Europe to try and retrieve it, aided by friends old and new and inveigling everyone she meets into her quest with unexpected consequences. An emotional portrait of modern Spain.
(2016 Spain / Germany 99 mins Subtitled)

A poignant family drama, a rhythmic road movie, an alluring fable with undertones and symbols that punctuate a heart-warming modern metaphor, Icíar Bollaín’s multi-faceted film The Olive Tree is a tale rooted deep in cinematic magic … The Olive Tree is a profound heartfelt story penned by one of the best character writers there is, Paul Laverty. It is filled with sincere subtext and an undercurrent of meaningful discourse that makes this film work on a multitude of levels.  Andy Furlong, HeyUGuys

Language Spanish / German / English / French

BBFC advice: Contains strong language
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