Pandora’s Box 15

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DIRECTOR Georg Wilhelm Pabst
CAST Louise Brooks, Fritz Kortner, Francis Lederer, Carl Goetz

A classic silent film starring dazzling star Louise Brooks as showgirl Lulu, whose magnetism wreaks havoc on all around her.

This classic silent film is renowned for its sensational storyline, sparkling Weimar-period setting and the legendary lead performance from its iconic star. It follows the rise and fall of Lulu, a spirited but innocent showgirl whose sheer sexual magnetism wreaks havoc on the lives of men and women alike. Controversial in its day, then underappreciated for decades, this film now stands as an incredibly modern movie, and few stars of any era dazzle as bright as Louise Brooks.
(1929 Germany 136 mins Silent)

[Louise Brooks] delivers a tour de force in the lead role. She has a screen presence that goes far beyond her beauty and the sense of naivety she brings to the role is equalled by her fierceness, the two merging in Lulu’s assumption that she can command her own fate … Full of striking imager which, one seen, will stay with you forever, this is a highly accomplished piece of work which brings together some of the greatest talents of the era. 1929 was a good year for cinema, but amongst its several treasures, Pandora’s Box still stands out.  Jennie Kermode, Eye for Film

BBFC advice: Contains mild violence, threat and sex references
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