Pitch Perfect III

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CAST Ruby Rose, Anna Kendrick, Hailee Steinfeld, Rebel Wilson

The Bellas are back in this comedy drama, reuniting for one last time to make their glorious a capella music.

In this third instalment of the musical comedy franchise, the members of a capella singing group The Bellas have gone their separate ways after graduation. But, frustrated in their attempts to earn a living, they jump at the chance to get the gang back together for an overseas tour, coming together one last time to make music – and some questionable decisions. A winning combination of terrific comic performances and great music.
(2017 USA 93 mins)

This third – and surely final – outing basically explodes its own formula. It’s like a good Christmas pantomime. It assumes we all know the drill, then has a whale of a time subverting it … Permeating the nonsense is a heartfelt assertion of teamwork and female solidarity in defiance of everyday sexism that’s very much in tune with the present moment … It looks like these performers are genuinely enjoying themselves, and it’s infectious.  Steve Rose, The Guardian

BBFC advice: Contains moderate sex references, language and comic violence
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