Pope Francis: A Man of his Word 15

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DIRECTOR Wim Wenders

This fascinating documentary from acclaimed director Wim Wenders combines interviews and filmed footage to offer a unique insight into the charismatic pontiff.

Celebrated filmmaker Wim Wenders (Pina) presents a documentary portrait of the charismatic pontiff who has consistently delivered a radical, inspiring message of empathy and social change. Although made with the blessing of the Catholic Church, this is no hagiography but a fascinating combination of interviews and filmed footage that shows Pope Francis demonstrating the compassion and quiet activism of his namesake saint. Food for thought, whatever your faith.
(2018 Switzerland / Vatican City / Italy / Germany / France 96 mins Part subtitled)

You needn’t be Catholic to find comfort in the message of Pope Francis. Nor do you need to be a believer to see that his progressive ideas and plainspoken delivery make him a different kind of messenger. In the inspiring new documentary Pope Francis — A Man of His Word, the humble priest from Buenos Aires comes down from the gilded altar of St. Peter’s and speaks to the camera at eye level, addressing the challenges of the 21st century: family, poverty, social justice, the environment, and, yes, even the abuses of the church he represents. It’s a refreshingly timely dialogue from an organization that’s often been slow to step out of the past.  Chris Nashawaty, Entertainment Weekly

Language: Italian, Spanish, German and English

BBFC advice: Contains distressing images and references to child abuse
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