Prevenge 15

BUY TICKETS 8pm Friday 31 March
Followed by a Q&A with actor Jo Hartley.

CAST Alice Lowe, Jo Hartley, Kate Dickie, Kayvan Novak

Alice Lowe’s grisly black comedy about a pregnant woman who goes on a killing spree, convinced her baby is instructing her to commit murder.

Fans of grisly black comedy Sightseers will be pleased to see star and co-writer Alice Lowe return to the genre – both behind and in front of the camera – with this macabre yet controlled slasher satire about a pregnant woman who goes on a killing spree, believing the baby growing inside her is instructing her to commit murder. Directed and performed when Lowe herself was seven months pregnant, this is a dark take on society’s perception of pregnant women. Murderous but fun!
(2016 UK 87 mins)

I promise you, you have never experienced anything like writer-director-star Alice Lowe’s Prevenge: it’s nasty, hilarious, outraged and outrageous, and magically exactly as genuinely poignant as it is blackly, sarcastically funny … Lowe’s directorial debut twists the feel-good nonsense women get fed when they’re pregnant into a dark caricature that, many women who’ve been pregnant will tell you, more accurately reflects what it feels like to have another human being crowding out your internal organs and making all sorts of demands on your physical resources … Perhaps the scariest thing about Prevenge is that it doesn’t just tell a woman’s truth: it screams that truth in a way that smashes a taboo.  MaryAnn Johanson, Flickfilospher 

BBFC advice: Contains strong bloody violence and gore 
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