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Robin Hood 15

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Disney’s classic animation is the animal kingdom’s version of the legend, with plenty of humour and great music. Enjoy the cinema without worrying about noise or wriggling. (1974 USA 83 minutes)

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BBFC advice: Contains mild slapstick violence
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The great fable of Robin Hood and his Merry Men, who rob from the rich to give to the poor, as told by Disney through the use of animals. Robin and Marion are Foxes, Prince John is a lion who sucks his thumb, and the Sheriff is a snake. The film begins after Prince John and Sir Hiss have tricked the true King into leaving the country on a phony crusade. With the help of the Sheriff of Nottingham, they tax the life out of Nottingham’s peasants, leaving them all penniless but with the courageous Robin Hood as their only hope.

It’s especially delightful to see, or maybe that is hear (one is a lion, the other a slippery snake), Peter Ustinov and Terry-Thomas spark up a comedy double act as a stroppy King John and a sycophantic Sheriff. They do wonders with only their voices, with Ustinov bumptious and spoilt and Thomas playing that magnificent wheedling tone that made him cinema’s greatest cad… as the archery contest (splitting the arrow!) succumbs to what seems to be an all-out American football match, the pleasures are all ours.  Ian Nathan, Empire

UK RELEASE 31 March 1974
RUNNING TIME 83 minutes

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