Saffron Screen & Hyperfusion Create a World of Pure Imagination

The children of Saffron Walden were swept up into a world of pure imagination for two days last week as Saffron Screen and Hyperfusion Theatre Company in the guise of the Shhh Experience teamed up to present an immersive and magical theatre and film experience for half term.

Reliving the original story, audiences were greeted at the gates of Chesterfords Community Centre by the eccentric Mr Wonka and led into his ‘factory’ for an afternoon of dance, storytelling, music making and craft alongside his team of devoted Oompa Loompas. Later the audience settled down to watch the original Gene Wilder version of the film on Saffron Screen’s Pop-up cinema screen whilst the action and interaction continued around them.

Willy Wonka was performed through the popular local pop-up Shhh Experience events which bring unexpected theatre to unexpected places and this three hour Wonka event is the brainchild of HyperFusion Theatre Director Sarah Ellis who worked closely with Saffron Screen’s Rebecca del Tufo to create a world where local children could use their imagination to engage with actors and activities and enhance the film experience.  The event was a huge success!

Saffron Screen’s Rebecca del Tufo said:

We are always looking for ways to enhance the cinema experience, particularly for our younger audience members, and were thrilled to be involved in this event. How often can you go to the cinema and see what’s on screen reflected in real life – everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the Oompa Loopa dancing, bubbles, golden tickets and burping practice!”

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Saffron Screen & Hyperfusion Theatre Company were delighted to receive the following testimonials from the audience:

“Great interactive experience for all the family. Great actors and all the effects (bubbles, foam, lemonade etc) bought the film to life.”

 “10/10. Absolutely fabulous. Not what I expect but even better.” William.

 “Totally brilliant! When’s the next one?” Bokay family.

“Fun, brilliant afternoon. I loved it so much. Had so much fun.” Amelie and Lilia.

“Fantastic afternoon’s fun in half-term. Well worth the ticket price. Thank you.”

 “Dear Mr Wonka I’ve had a lovely time.” Phoebe.

“Loved it. Child only 2 but loved the interactive parts. Would highly recommend.”

“I loved the Oompa Loompa dancing the most.” Will.

“What a lovely interactive show. Great idea. Thank you.”

”Wonderful. Magical.”