Sherlock Junior & The Tramp 15

BUY TICKETS 7.30pm Saturday 27 OctoberSS_POPUP_85x136

Location: St Mary’s Church, Radwinter, Essex
Doors open: 6.45pm

A glorious duo of hilarious silent films, with live piano accompaniment from local musician Gail Ford.

Keaton plays a luckless cinema projectionist who dreams of becoming a famous detective in order to win his sweetheart’s hand. A technical marvel with amazing stunts and a delirious chase sequence.
(1924 USA 45 mins)

The timing here is incredible (a technical marvel, in fact); even more so in the great chase sequence, a veritable cascade of unbelievably complex gags (like the moment when Buster, on the handlebars of a riderless, runaway motor-bike passing some ditch-digging roadworks, receives a spadeful of earth in the face from each oblivious navvy in turn). It leaves Chaplin standing.  Time Out

The Tramp showcases Charlie Chaplin’s iconic character finding the girl of his dreams and working on a family farm.
(1915 USA 26 mins)

Nearly everything about this short is archetypal. It’s THE classic story about the farmer’s daughter told in an iconic silent movie style. And with this movie Chaplin fully realized his little tramp character. The finishing touch being the final shot and fade-out. This was the very first time Charlie shrugs, puts his hobo stick over his shoulder and shuffles off into the sunset, on to the next adventure and straight into Hollywood legend.  Three Movie Buffs