Show Dogs 15

BUY TICKETS 3pm Monday 23 July

DIRECTOR Raja Gosnell
CAST/VOICES Will Arnett, Ludacris, Alan Cumming, Stanley Tucci

Will Arnett goes undercover with police dog Max to foil a gang of greedy animal smugglers in this delightfully wacky family comedy.

After a failed attempt to recover a stolen baby panda, macho but lonely police dog Max is ordered to go undercover in a prestigious dog show with his human partner Frank (Will Arnett) posing as his trainer. With help from new friends, the duo must now foil another kidnapping plot and rescue valuable animals from a gang of greedy smugglers. A delightfully wacky family comedy of talking, crime-fighting dogs!
(2018 UK / USA 92 mins)

Sometimes a rewarding movie theater experience comes from a simple film that doesn’t promise more than it can deliver. Show Dogs promises talking dogs who fight crime. It delivers … Moments of cleverness zing out from the din, as when RuPaul voices a four-legged fashionista, or a spectacular Komondor (Shaquille O’Neal) offers Max his best Zen mantras.  Teo Bugbee, New York Times

BBFC advice: Contains mild bad language, rude humour and violence
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