Sweet Country 15

BUY TICKETS 8pm Monday 16 April

DIRECTOR Warwick Thornton
CAST Sam Neill, Hamilton Morris, Natassia Gorey Furber, Bryan Brown

This compelling and superbly shot period drama set in the Australian outback features a cast of non-professional Aboriginal actors in a morality tale inspired by real events.

Inspired by real events and featuring a cast of non-professional Aboriginal actors, this compelling period drama, set in the Northern Territory in 1929, boasts stunning cinematography and impressive performances. Sam Neill plays Fred Smith, a preacher whose land is worked by Aboriginal stockman Sam Kelly (Hamilton Morris). The tentative peace of the outback is broken when Sam is forced to kill in self-defence and he and his wife flee, pursued by a posse. A blistering outback western.
(2017 Australia 113 mins)

Warwick Thornton’s graceful, soulful, quietly incendiary Outback western unfolds … one black man’s necessarily violent act of self-defense brings the white population’s most toxic racist dogma to the fore. The spare, classical chase drama … is seeded with barbed observations on colonialism, cultural erasure and rough justice, kept poetically succinct by Thornton’s lithe, soaring visual storytelling.  Guy Lodge, Variety

BBFC advice: Contains strong language, injury detail, violence and racism theme
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