That Good Night 15

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DIRECTOR Eric Styles
CAST John Hurt, Charles Dance, Sofia Helin, Max Brown

In his final role, the late John Hurt poignantly plays a terminally ill screenwriter struggling to come to terms with his own mortality.

In this poignant final role John Hurt plays Ralph, a once-famous screenwriter who is terminally ill and struggling to come to terms with his own mortality. As Ralph tries to rebuild the wreckage of his family and die with some semblance of dignity, he is visited by a mysterious white-suited man (Charles Dance). Set in the stunning hilltops of the Algarve coastline of Portugal, this life-affirming drama is based on the play by NJ Crisp and inspired by Dylan Thomas’s poem.
(2017 UK / Portugal 92 mins) 

While on one level it very much revolves around Hurt — who, with more than 100 feature appearances under his belt, could play this kind of thing in his sleep — it clicks into a noticeably higher gear in the three dialogue sequences where he gets to politely square off with Dance’s nameless character (identified as The Visitor in closing credits.)  Neil Young, Hollywood Reporter

BBFC advice: Contains references to assisted dying
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