The Harry Hill Movie 15

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DIRECTOR Steve Bendelack
CAST Harry Hill, Julie Walters, Simon Bird, Matt Lucas

Based ‘on a true story’ (apparently), Harry Hill hits the big screen with a tale of sick hamsters, a fraught road trip, and a King Kong-esque climax atop Blackpool Tower.  Alongside Hill are his hard-drinking grandmother and his evil twin Otto. A surreal British comedy. (2013 UK 88 minutes)

BBFC advice: Contains mild comic violence and threat, mild sex references and innuendo
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When Harry and his petrol drinking Nan discover their hamster is seriously ill they set off on a road trip to Blackpool pursued by a lunatic vet. Along the way, Harry falls in love with an undersea shell person, witnesses canine superstars The Dachsund Five, and meets indie rock band The Magic Numbers – who run a B’n’B. It all culminates in a fight on top of The Blackpool Tower. Who could be behind it all? Could it be Harry’s evil twin Otto, who was separated from Harry at birth and brought up by Alsatians? Based on a true story, it’s all singing, all dancing family entertainment from the big collared loon himself.

This has bigger laughs (if not nearly enough of them) and wilder ideas than either [Alan Partridge and Anchorman] – provided you’re tuned into Hill’s idiosyncratic brand of slyly subversive, surreally silly seaside slapstick. The plot is frankly idiotic, involving Harry’s grotty nan (Julie Walters), his beloved hamster Abu (Johnny Vegas) and his evil long-lost brother who was raised by alsatians (Matt Lucas). There’s not enough here to sustain 88 minutes, too many of the jokes fall flat and the image of Julie Walters rapping isn’t one you’ll be able to shift soon. But the set-piece gags are memorable: a satnav with the voice of a Yakuza boss (‘we would be honoured if you would take the second exit’), a psychedelic B&B run by The Magic Numbers, a completely apropos-of-nothing dance routine to ‘Nutbush City Limits’ in Lucas’s evil lair, and best of all a game cameo from Jim Broadbent as a mutant charlady at a nuclear power plant. There will be those who find ‘The Harry Hill Movie’ about as amusing as a trip to the dentist. They’re wrong. Tom Huddleston, Time Out

UK RELEASE 20 December 2013
RUNNING TIME 88 minutes

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