Napping Princess 15

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DIRECTOR Kenji Kamiyama
VOICES Colleen O’Shaughnessy, Brina Palencia, Doug Erholz, Lex Wutas

A stunning anime drama about a school girl who becomes an adventurous steampunk princess when she sleeps.

With gorgeous visuals and a punchy soundtrack, this Japanese animation creatively interweaves fantasy and reality, technology and magic. Its imaginative and spirited heroine Kokone should be studying for her university entrance exams but just can’t seem to stay awake. In her dreams she becomes a brave and adventurous princess in a steampunk world. But her two worlds start to collide and it is up to Kokone to save them both.
(2017 Japan 111 mins Dubbed)

Kenji Kamiyama makes a triumphant return with this fantastical anime drama about a high school girl who turns into a princess when she sleeps … this is a fun action adventure that resonates because it doesn’t glamorise everything. You feel a warmth after watching it, as there’s something in its depiction of imperfect, loving family relationships that stays with you.
George Art Baker, Time Out

Language: English

BBFC advice: Contains mild threat and fantasy violence
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