The Producers 15

BUY TICKETS 3pm Sunday 5 August

CAST Zero Mostel, Gene Wilder, Kenneth Mars, Lee Meredith

Max Bialystock (Zero Mostel) is a washed-up Broadway producer, forced to romance old ladies to finance his plays. When timid accountant Leo Bloom (Gene Wilder) tells Bialystock that, under the right circumstances, a producer could make more money with a flop than a hit, Bialystock cajoles Bloom into a collaboration. Together they come up with what they consider to be a sure-fire disaster waiting to happen – a musical version of Adolf and Eva’s love story entitled Springtime for Hitler.
(1968 USA 105 mins)
This screening celebrates the 50th anniversary of one of the great satirical comedies of all time and will include a recorded introduction by and Q&A with Mel Brooks.

There are many funny movies in the world but not so many with such a rich strand of satire running deep beneath the surface… and it could be argued that this broke new ground, paving the way for a generation of comedy directors … Brooks is an anarchic reminder that laughter can be mightier than the sword and to turn one of the most dreaded individuals of the last century into a laughing stock is a feat to be praised. Also, you’ll be humming the songs all week.  Amber Wilkinson, Eye for Film

BBFC advice: Contains mild sex references, language and violence