The Touch (Beröringen) 15

BUY TICKETS 8pm Monday 5 March

DIRECTOR Ingmar Bergman
CAST Elliot Gould, Bibi Andersson, Max von Sydow, Sheila Reid

A rare chance to see Ingmar Bergman’s first English language film as a bored wife responds to advances by her husband’s friend.

Legendary director Ingmar Bergman’s rarely screened, first English language feature is the compelling tale of Karin (Bibi Andersson), a happily married mother of two, who surprises herself by responding in kind to unforeseen advances from David (Elliot Gould), a visiting archaeologist whom her doctor husband (Max von Sydow) has befriended. But love, however exhilarating, is seldom simple and deceit coupled with David’s volatile temperament take their toll. Amidst an evocative autumnal palette, the subtle and intense performances bring a psychological precision to this mysterious, elegant romantic drama.
(1971 Sweden / USA 108 mins Part subtitled)

Shot in English with occasional Swedish dialog and splendidly acted and lensed, The Touch is both a romantic film of great poignancy and strength and an example of masterful cinema honed down to deceptively simple near-perfection … Not unexpectedly, Bergman’s cast is superb. Bibi Andersson walks away with pic thanks to one of those immense, bigger-than-life performances. Rarely has the moving anguish of a trysting woman been so stirringly caught. Elliott Gould is a perfect choice as the somewhat neurotic foreign archeologist who, despite oafish manners, selfishness and instability, fascinates and attracts her. Max von Sydow does expected wonders with the normally unplayable role of the silently strong husband.  Variety, December 1970

Language: English / Swedish / French

BBFC advice: Contains sexualised nudity, infrequent very strong language.
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