Utøya – July 22 15

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CAST Andrea Berntzen, Aleksander Holmen, Brede Fristad, Jenny Svennevig

Shot in one take, this is an uncompromising depiction of the attack at Utøya island in 2011, following one of the survivors in real-time.

On July 22, 2011, more than 500 teenagers at a left-wing political youth camp on Utøya island, near Oslo, were attacked by a far-right extremist. This fictionalised account of those harrowing events on Utøya – where 69 died – is told in real-time from the victims’ perspective, drawing from survivors’ testimony. Those survivors have praised the film for its urgent examination of the dangers of right-wing extremism, and the cathartic effect of sharing their experiences. Painful but necessary, with the power to stimulate conversation.
(2018 Norway 97 mins Subtitled)

Although Poppe interviewed more than 40 survivors, the characters here are fictional. But the naturalism of the cast and their chemistry immediately imbues the film with humanity, and is further heightened by the technique: one take, one shot, real time, no music … Time and again we hear, we say, how wrong it is to focus on the terrorists, giving them the glory they crave. That the story should belong to the victims. Over time, inevitably, that is rarely the case. For these 97 minutes at least, Poppe redresses that balance.  Alex Godfrey, Empire

Language: Norwegian

BBFC advice: Contains strong sustained threat and injury detail 
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