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Wonder Woman 15

BUY TICKETS 8pm Thursday 24 August

DIRECTOR Patty Jenkins
CAST Gal Gadot, David Thewlis, Robin Wright, Chris Pine

A glorious rollicking action adventure which is also great fun as Wonder Woman finally comes to the big screen from the DC Comics universe.

DC’s greatest heroine finally embarks on her long-awaited solo live-action debut! Diana of Themyscira, princess of the Amazons, has lived her life training as a warrior, unaware of the plight of mankind. When an American pilot crash-lands on their island and brings news of the Great War, Diana claims her mantle as Wonder Woman and enters the human world to bring an early end to the fighting. Gadot exudes superhero charisma in a film that skilfully mixes humour and adrenaline.
(2017 USA 141 mins)

‘Wonder Woman’ feels like the real deal, a rollicking action adventure in the tradition of ‘Indiana Jones’, with a fully functioning sense of humour and the year’s most lip-smackingly evil baddie … So this is an origin story – set yonks before last summer’s ‘Batman v Superman’, in which Gadot made her Wonder Woman debut. It’s also a million miles from the moody dull-fest of ‘Batman v Superman’. Director Patty Jenkins lets the sunshine in. The showdown punch-up at the end drags a little, but the whole thing is carried along by charm and humour. The fish-out-of-water scenes as Wonder Woman arrives on Earth are hilarious. In London, she asks Pine’s loyal personal assistant what a secretary does. She’s horrified by the answer: ‘Where I’m from that’s called slavery.’ This really is Wonder Woman coming to the rescue of the DC Comics universe. Cath Clarke, Time Out

BBFC advice: Contains moderate violence
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