You Were Never Really Here 15

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DIRECTOR Lynne Ramsay
CAST Joaquin Phoenix, Ekaterina Samsonov, Alessandro Nivola, Judith Roberts

Joaquin Phoenix delivers a towering central performance in this visually stunning revenge thriller from British auteur Lynne Ramsay.

In this visually stunning revenge thriller, an ex-soldier is hired to rescue a kidnapped girl from a sex-trafficking ring but unleashes more violence when he uncovers a disturbing conspiracy. Despite the taut and tension-filled plot, this is more character study than thriller, and Lynne Ramsay excels in conveying the effects of trauma through audio-visual effects. A stylish, brutal masterpiece with a riveting central performance from Joaquin Phoenix as the tormented hitman.
(2017 UK / France / USA 90 mins)

This film is all in the editing, and Ramsay has done an incredible job here, managing to give the film a slow burn feel and yet keep it constantly gripping. Some of the cinematic touches are unorthodox and masterful, and the film may have my favourite title reveal of all time (look out for it, you’ll know what I mean)… This is a stunning, gut-punch of a film though, technically adept and masterfully acted it thumps others of the genre into mush, showing that a Taken-style story needn’t be redundant of art.  Christopher Hooton, The Independent

Winner of the Best Actor and Best Screenplay awards at the Cannes Film Festival.

BBFC advice: Contains strong violence, injury detail, child sex abuse theme and language 
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